Xbox Game Pass: Quests guide and instructions week 07/2023

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Today we present you a guide and instructions for the new Xbox Game Pass Quests of the week 07/2023.

Today we present you an Xbox Game Pass Quests guide including instructions for week 07/2023. The new Quests week runs from February 14th to February 21st, 2023.

Xbox Game Pass Quests Week 07/2023 Guide

  • Quest: Achieve 10 Bubble Fails
  • Game: The Sims 4
  • Points: 250 points

  • Quest: Play 0/1
  • Game: Coffee Talk
  • Points: 5 points

Simply launching the game is enough to complete the quest. The quickest way to complete the quest is to launch the game from Xbox Cloud.

  • Quest: Get an achievement in Game Pass
  • Game: Optional
  • Points: 50 points

For this quest you must achieve an achievement in a game that is currently listed in Game Pass. The following games are available there, Age of Empires II, ARK, Bugsnax, Dreamlight Valley or even small indie games.

  • Quest: Earn your advancement – play 3 Game Pass games or get 3 achievements in Game Pass Games
  • Game: Optional
  • Points: 10 points

Instructions: The easiest way here is to play the Game Pass games. A short start is enough for it to be counted. There are two games each week where you can collect Rewards points, if you play these you already have two out of three games. Choose a game that you may already have on the Xbox or install a small game to get the points. To save yourself an installation, a game from the cloud also works with the Game Pass app.

  • Quest: Weekly Quest – Complete 3 daily quests
  • Game: Optional
  • Points: 10 points
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Instructions: For this quest you must now start an Xbox Game Pass game on the Xbox 3 different days a week. Do this in 3 days and the quest will be complete.

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