Zankstelle: Interview with Jakob Braun from Active Fungus Studios – News

Picture by Jurgen

Jürgen 72362 EXP – 26 game connoisseurs, R10, S9, A10, J10
February 18, 2023 – 1:20 p.m — Last updated 36 minutes ago

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After the user check A Bavarian Tale – hushed up had Jurgen still need to speak. So he did a short one for the GG user podcast Zankstelle interview with Jacob Brown, the game’s producer and part of Active Fungus Studios. This tells a little about the history of the game, the studio and the Bavarian voice output. A small spoiler Jakob threw out was eliminated in the edit, so you can listen to the podcast without any worries.

We apologize for the quality of Jakob’s audio track. The original connection sounded much richer, but only half of his words got out. An unsatisfactory situation that we could only get around with a weaker voice quality. The internet connections out of Bavaria seem to be just as weak as the political ties to the rest of the republic. Nevertheless: have fun!

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