Amazon knocks out iPad Pro 460 euros cheaper – iPad Air & iPad 2022 also much cheaper than Apple

The iPhone is much cheaper on Amazon than in the Apple shop.

While Apple demands the RRP in its in-house shop for iPads, iPhones or MacBooks, retailers such as Amazon sometimes grant discounts of hundreds of euros. So why spend more than necessary on an Apple device when the shipping giant can still deliver it from stock? If you want to buy an iPad Pro, you can currently save up to 460 euros if you order the tablet from Amazon – a discount of 20%. All models such as iPad Pro M2 (2022) or iPad Pro M1 as well as iPad Air and iPad 2022 are available at discounts that you can invest in accessories such as the Apple Pencil, AirPod or Magic Keyboard. We have put together the best savings deals.

iPad Pro M2 (2022) 11 inch

Even several months after its release, is still paying the full price for the iPad Pro M2 with an 8-core CPU, 10-core GPU and two 12-megapixel cameras for the most powerful iPad. At Amazon, the iPad Pro from 2022 with 11 inches can be bought with a discount of 280 euros. The iPad Pro M2 with a 12.9-inch Liquid Retina display is already available from Amazon. When buying an iPad Pro from 2021, you can even save up to 460 euros. iPad Air and iPad 2022 can also be ordered from Amazon with attractive discounts – more on that later. Interested parties should not take too long with their decision, because prices and availability can change quickly.

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Current Apple tablets with high discounts at Amazon: iPad Pro M2 (2022) 11 inches

Click and save: Apple AirPods (Pro) currently cheaper at Amazon

iPad Pro M2 (2022) 12.9 inch

Amazon is offering even bigger discounts than for the iPad Air, iPad 2022 and the latest Apple iPad Pro tablets with an M2 chip and 11-inch touchscreen on the largest and most modern 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Whether with 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB or 2 TB – you can save hundreds of euros on all iPad models.

Currently drastically cheaper at Amazon: Apple iPad Pro M2 (2022) 12.9 inches

  • iPad Pro M2 12.9″ 128GB Wi-Fi from 1,259 euros (€1,449)
  • iPad Pro M2 12.9″ 256GB Wi-Fi from 1,399 euros (€1,579)
  • iPad Pro M2 12.9″ 512GB Wi-Fi from 1,669 euros (€1,829)
  • iPad Pro M2 12.9″ 1TB WiFi from 2,146 euros (2.329€)
  • iPad Pro M2 12.9″ 2TB WiFi from 2,523 euros (€2,829)
  • iPad Pro M2 12.9″ 128GB WiFi + Cellular from 1,479 euros (€1,649)
  • iPad Pro M2 12.9″ 256GB WiFi + Cellular from 1,581 euros (1.779€)
  • iPad Pro M2 12.9″ 512GB WiFi + Cellular from 1,858.99 euros (€2,029)
  • iPad Pro M2 12.9″ 1TB WiFi + Cellular from 2,383 euros (€2,524)
  • Apple Pencil for iPad Pro 114.90 euros (119€)

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Parallel to the iPad Pro M2, the iPad (2022) with 10.9 inches was also launched. If you want to buy the new iPad, you can save a lot at Amazon just a few months after the release, as our list shows.

iPad (10th gen.) can also be ordered cheaper at Amazon

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iPad Air M1 (2022) 10.9 inch

Like the iPad Pro with M2 & M1 and the iPad 2022, you can also buy the Apple iPad Air from Amazon at a heavily discounted price. Those who opt for the iPad Air with 64 GB and WiFi + Cellular currently save 200 euros.

Buy iPad Air M1 (2022) at discounted prices on Amazon

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In addition to the discount offers for current models such as the iPad Air and iPad Pro M2 (2022), there are also Apple tablets from 2021 at Amazon at bargain prices. However, the smaller variants with 128 GB or 256 GB are no longer available. However, you can save a whopping 460 euros when buying an iPad Pro (2021) with 11 inches, WiFi + Cellular and 2 TB of storage.

iPad Pro 11 inch (2021) at Amazon 460 euros cheaper than at Apple