Atomic Heart: Players are more euphoric than the critics

Atomic Heart PC (Images: 4K/UHD with DLSS Q without raytracing, downsampled @ 1440p) (10)

from Oliver Jaeger
In the meantime, the shooter role-playing game Atomic Heart has been released, so players have already been able to submit numerous user reviews. The day before, the critics had already published their reviews of the game. It is interesting that the players rated Atomic Heart noticeably better than the trade press.

With Atomic Heart, an FPS shooter with Bioshock bonds has been released, which many players were looking forward to in advance, as the high position in the Steam wish list showed. The reviews on Steam, meanwhile, reveal that the wait was worth it, as players are looking forward to the title very favorably. To date, Atomic Heart has received over 1,600 user reviews on Steam, 88 percent of which are positive. So the developers of Mundfish definitely seem to have struck a chord with the players.

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The critics are a little less euphoric

As is well known, there were already reviews of the game on the day before the release, which can be viewed and summarized on the Opencritic and Metacritic websites. In both cases, Atomic Heart doesn’t get 88 points, but “only” 74 (Opencritic) and 77 points (Metacritic). Metacritic has collected 19 reviews for the PC version so far, 14 of which are positive. Full marks come from GamersRD, who praise developer Mundfish for creating a universe with the perfect combination of passion, discipline and talent, and calling Atomic Heart a masterpiece of the art.