Avatar 2: Genesis was like Lord of the Rings, says James Cameron

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avatar is undoubtedly one of the greatest film franchises of all time. Both the first film and the sequel can adorn themselves with a large number of cinema records. Accordingly, there is not only great interest in upcoming projects relating to the brand, but also in James Cameron’s perspective. He recently threw two names into the room in connection with Avatar, which enjoy legendary status, especially in the Lord of the Rings cosmos.

Tolkien and Jackson for inspiration

I’ve been trying to simulate, ok, I’m Peter Jackson if he’s making the Lord of the Rings movies, but The Lord of the Rings doesn’t exist yet, so I have to be Tolkien and create The Lord of the Rings, and then I can I be Peter Jackson” Cameron told the website Time. Given how much the work of Tolkien and Jackson is appreciated, some would consider the director’s statement as bold. Cameron himself is one of those people. “But I didn’t adapt a major book series that already existed. I had to do it like this.

Gamespot emphasizes that Cameron already told this story last year. It was explicitly about the process of selling the idea of ​​the brand to Fox. Also in this context Lord of the Rings used as a comparison. What status the Avatar brand will have in a few years, especially compared to the fantasy series, is really in the stars.

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