Call of Duty is supposed to come to Nintendo Switch, but Fortnite can hardly do it smoothly – can it work?

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Microsoft has struck a deal with Nintendo over Call of Duty (CoD). Now the popular shooter is also coming to the switch. But can that work at all?

Microsoft and Nintendo have signed a 10-year partnership (via The main reason behind this is the criticism that Microsoft only wants to publish big games like Call of Duty for Windows and the Game Pass with the takeover of Activision Blizzard. With the partnership, they now want to take the wind out of the sails of this criticism.

But can a game like Call of Duty even work on the switch? Because the Nintendo Switch is not necessarily known as a powerful console.

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A Call of Duty for the Switch with a 30fps lock?

The switch is now considered obsolete among friends and enemies alike. Modern titles in particular no longer run smoothly or only work at 30 FPS. A popular example is the colorful shooter Fortnite, which creates 30 frames per second in fierce battles. High frame rates above 60 FPS are not possible in either handheld or desktop mode on the Switch.

But if you like playing competitive shooters, you know that shooters with 30 FPS are only fun to a limited extent. Because the higher the FPS, the smoother the game looks. Anything below 30 FPS is now considered unplayable for most users.

The shooter professional Shroud tested whether a 144 Hz monitor makes you a better player. Here the testers found that if you play with 144 or even 240 Hz and FPS, you have a better chance of getting good faster.

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What speaks for Call of Duty? For many, the switch is more of a platform for “casuals” anyway, i.e. occasional gamers. Many competitive gamers prefer to play on the PC and would not switch to the switch anyway.

If you did without crossplay, only switch players would face each other, so everyone would have the same hardware and the same advantages and disadvantages. A CoD “Switch Edition” would then be quite attractive for casual gamers if they didn’t have to compete against PC or PS5 players.

On top of that, and many emphasize this, a contract does not mean that Microsoft has to bring the “right” Call of Duty to the switch. Because there is already CoD: Mobile, which also runs on weak cell phones. That could just as well be ported to the switch and would have fulfilled the contract with Nintendo.

Others continue to hope that a new version of the Switch will appear in the next few years. For example in combination with a new Call of Duty, which can then present the strengths of a Switch Pro or Switch 2. Because with features like DLSS, completely new frame rates would be possible:

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