CoD Warzone 2 buffs unpopular sniper classes – attachment allows deadly one-shot kills again

CoD Warzone 2 buffs unpopular sniper classes – attachment allows deadly one-shot kills again

For a long time, snipers in Call of Duty Warzone 2 were overshadowed by stronger weapons. However, inconspicuous changes to attachments and tuning unleashed their full potential with Season 2. We’ll tell you which attachments you need to use to make the perfect one-shot sniper.

There are many sniper fans in Call of Duty Warzone. In Verdansk, weapons like the Kar98 or the Swiss K31 dominated the Warzone for a long time, but then the developers intervened.

With the release of Call of Duty Vanguard and the Warzone map Caldera, the snipers slowly but surely disappeared from the meta. Other weapons were simply more versatile and therefore often more powerful.

Snipers who were hoping for a sniper weapon rivalry with the release of Warzone 2 were initially disappointed in Al Mazrah. Previously, you had to land at least two hits to take out a target. There was a sniper class that allowed 1-shot kills, but it was removed at the start of Season 1.

However, now that Season 2 has been released, some Warzone pros have found a way to revive the sniper meta. In the next section we will tell you which weapons you should choose and which attachments you have to use.

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One-Shot Sniper – You should use these weapons and attachments

Basically, you can turn any sniper rifle into a one-shot sniper. The decisive factor is not so much the weapon, but much more the ammunition. Currently you destroy all three armor plates of the enemy with a headshot from a sniper rifle. If you also equip your sniper with incendiary ammunition, the periodic damage will take care of the rest. The incendiary ammunition is therefore mandatory so that you can land one-shot kills!

Unfortunately, the incendiary ammunition also reduces muzzle velocity and range. When you assemble your loadout, you should compensate with appropriate attachments.

Equip a suppressor and barrel that increase muzzle velocity. Pay attention to the accuracy and range of the other attachments. You should then tune your essays accordingly. If you are unsure, check out our weapon tuning guide.

Of the five currently playable snipers in Warzone 2, the following weapons are better suited if you want to fight at long range:

  • MCPR-300
  • Victus XMR
  • signal 50

The basic version of the Victus XMR already comes with a good scope with decent magnification. This saves an attachment that you can use to increase one of the other stats. Beginners can also try the Signal 50. This sniper rifle has a higher rate of fire and is more forgiving of a miss.

If you prefer to fight over medium distances and value mobility, then you should take a look at these two weapons:

These two weapons are particularly suitable at medium distances. No muzzle and barrel attachments that reduce handling. On the other hand, relies entirely on ZV speed and mobility. If you adjust your attachments accordingly, both weapons behave very similar to what you are used to from the Kar 98 and Swiss K31 from the old Warzone.

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These perks are perfect for your sniper class

So that you can have the upper hand in all situations, you should choose perks and secondary weapons that complement your one-shot sniper loadout in a meaningful way. You can now put together perks yourself and put together an individual package that is perfectly tailored to your strengths and weaknesses:

  • overkill – allows you to equip a second primary weapon. This is essential for this playstyle, as sniper rifles are only useful at medium to long ranges.
  • Almost Hands – lets you reload faster and change your weapon. Perfect for aggressive players who want to be as mobile as possible in order to attack many opponents at different distances. Use either the LA-B 30 or SP-X 80 as a sniper rifle.
  • focus – allows for more stable aiming when hit by enemies. You can also hold your breath a little longer to get the perfect shot. Suitable for both beginners and experienced snipers who want to fight at maximum range.
  • High alert – Warns you with a visual notification as soon as opposing players have you in their sights. So you will not be surprised by any enemy.

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The best secondary weapons for your sniper loadout

Depending on your playstyle, you should use an assault rifle for your secondary weapon. The chimera and the Kastov-74u are particularly suitable because they are designed for short to medium distances ex works. Pay attention to the ZV speed, mobility and accuracy values ​​for attachments and tuning.

Experienced snipers can also use those Waznev-9k To fall back on. The Kastov Platform’s submachine gun has solid damage and decent range. Compared to the assault rifles, the Waznev also scores with greater mobility. With the appropriate attachments and tuning, you can further enhance these characteristics.

Have you tried the one-shot snipers yet? What is your favorite weapon in Season 2? Do you have an insider tip that no one but you has on their radar? Let us know what you think, write a comment and discuss with the community!

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