Company selling Destiny 2 hacks must pay Bungie $4.3 million in damages


A judge has concluded that Destiny 2 hack seller AimJunkies has to pay Bungie more than $4.3 million in damages.

Bungie filed a complaint in June 2021 suing AimJunkies and its parent company Phoenix Digital for copyright infringement.

In April 2022, a federal court in Seattle partially dismissed the claims, stating that Bungie had not sufficiently explained how the cheatware constituted an unauthorized copy of their work.

However, the judge referred some of the other non-copyright related claims to arbitration, in particular, claims that the software violated the DMCA’s anti-circumvention provision.

Bungie argued that third-party developer James May, who created the software for AimJunkies, bypassed Bungie’s technical prevention measures to create the cheat software, and continued to do so after Bungie caught him and banned the game multiple times.

It argued that even though May did not work for AimJunkies, its parent company, Phoenix Digital, was responsible because the cheat software was reverse-engineered.

As reported by torrentfreak, the arbitration judge agreed and awarded a total of $4,296,222 to Bungie, which has now turned the decision over to the federal court and asked it to approve an associated injunction, which will prevent AimJunkies from engaging in similar activities. .

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