Destiny 2 developer Bungie is suing another cheat maker

Destiny 2 developer Bungie is suing another cheat maker

from Sarah Petzold
Bungie is stepping up action against the providers of cheat software for Destiny 2. The developer studio filed another lawsuit against a company that sells modifications for the online shooter.

Bungie continues to take a hard line against providers of cheat software for Destiny 2. After the developer studio was already successful in 2022 took action against several cheat creators and enforced damages in the amount of 13.5 million US dollars, the company is apparently suing one of the providers involved at the time again.

LaviCheats Operator: “Bungie Lawyers Should Lick My Balls”

Because the operators of the LaviCheats platform were apparently unimpressed by the verdict against them and recommended their customers to download the software from another website. Bungie’s lawyers have filed a lawsuit against LaviCheats, seeking $2,000 in damages for each of the 2,790 cheat software downloads. This in turn corresponds to a total of 5.58 million US dollars.

The complaint states:

“Bansal’s (the operator of LaviCheats, editor’s note) unlawful activity was so shameless and premeditated, and his continued behavior shows such a strong desire to perpetuate his illegal activities, that a lawful compensation […] for a total of $5.58 million seems reasonable. […] In addition, Bansal’s statements and actions since receiving our lawsuit indicate that Bansal will not cease its unlawful activities in the absence of a significant title to damages. For example, Bansal responded in response to a post on the Lavicheats forums that served Bansal with the lawsuit that ‘Bungie lawyers can kiss my balls’. He also claimed that the sale of the cheat software for Destiny 2

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Judging by the previous successes that Bungie has been able to achieve in court based on allegations of fraud, copyright infringement and money laundering, this lawsuit should also have a chance of success. However, it remains unclear to what extent players who use the software themselves will have to face the consequences.

Source: Destiny Bulletin