Diablo 3: Altar of Rites – This is how the new feature works

Diablo 3: Hero Artwork

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Season 28 goes live on February 24th at 17:00 GMT. You can find more general information about the season and the new sets and guides in this article. Starts with season 28 Rites of Sanctuary, the new seasonal theme. on ancient Altar of Rites Inquisitive nephalem can follow the instructions and sacrifice various materials in exchange for unspeakable power for the entire season.

With this seasonal theme, the developers aim to enhance players’ season journey by connecting material goals with meaningful choices. They want to celebrate the upcoming release of Diablo 4, coming June 6th, 2023, with a feature that emphasizes progress while providing interesting details about Sanctuary. They hope you enjoy Rites of Sanctuary as much as the team does.