Forspoken gets update 1.04 today and players are disappointed

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from Jonathan Harsh
Square’s action-adventure Forspoken received a new update today that addresses various minor gameplay issues. The patch is not well received by the players because it lacks more in-depth optimizations.

Forspoken received another patch today, February 21, 2023. At first glance, update 1.04 contains a lot of new features, but on closer inspection these are primarily marginal improvements and bug fixes. But here are the patch notes:

Technical problems:

  • Fixed an issue where the camera moves unintentionally when using certain Xinput devices as controllers.
  • Fixed an issue where the FSR setting would automatically switch to Normal after restarting the game if FSR, DLSS, and 3D resolution are set to a specific setting.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would exhibit unintended behavior when the PlayStation 5’s DualSense Edge wireless controller is connected to the PC.
  • Various minor fixes.

Feature Updates:

  • The text font for Traditional/Simplified Chinese has been changed.
  • Updated the system text displayed when certain items are unlocked.
  • The system text that accompanies the patch 1.03 mouse configuration bug fix update is now displayed in all languages.
  • Small optimizations for certain functions.

Forspoken | Therefore no test of PC Games

Fans continue to await the performance patch for Forspoken

As you can see, this is primarily a PC update that irons out minor bugs. At the great problems of Forspoken

The background to most of the complaints is the suboptimal PC port and a performance patch promised by the developers, which many players are now eagerly awaiting, because the recent update doesn’t change anything about Forspoken’s performance. Better performance seems to be the biggest wish from the community, but other improvements and new content are also on fans’ lists, including a New Game Plus mode, a lip-sync fix, and DLSS 3.

Source: Square Enix

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