Forspoken’s story has apparently been completely overturned

Forspoken's story has apparently been completely overturned

Square Enix and Luminous Productions’ action role-playing game Forspoken has divided opinions between game testers and gamers. There are those with the concept of the game and cope with his design of the open game world, and there are those for whom Athia seems completely empty and unexciting. On one point, however, most people agree: Alfre “Frey” Holland’s Isekai story and her attempt to gain a foothold in the unknown fantasy world of Athia can, with a little goodwill, be rated as solid; the course is relatively easy to predict and not necessarily blessed with surprising twists and turns.

Looking at the story, some of you will probably prick up your ears now, because apparently the story told in Athia was completely overturned and rebooted as part of development. At least that’s what author Gary Whitta says in the podcast “Video Game Writing 101” (via PCGamesN). Whitta himself helped design the fantasy world when work began on the project for Square Enix and, in his own words, also helped out with Athia’s story and mythology, although he was less involved with dialogue and narrative. “One thing I know I’ve got to do with that [fertigen] game is the name of the world: Athia. It’s literally the only thing I know for sure that’s in the game.”

Forspoken’s story was quite different?

Whitta, who has also worked on Telltale’s The Walking Dead, as well as Star Wars: Rebels and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, says Square Enix executives approached him five or six years ago for help with the world building would have needed. “A few months after that, they came back to me and one of the other writers and said, ‘We’re going to start over and completely reboot the story, we want it to be like this now’.” In Whitta’s understanding of Forspoken (buy now ) is the story that is now in the game, the reboot version.

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