LoL: 2 champions dominate the LEC and are almost only banned – the next patch should bring improvement

LoL: 2 champions dominate the LEC and are almost only banned - the next patch should bring improvement

The European League of Legends League (LEC) group stage is over and only 4 teams made it to the placement matches. During the group stage, 2 champions in particular stood out. But Riot Games is already planning changes.

Which champions are they? The two champions are Elise as a jungler and Ashe on the botlane. Most recently, Ashe was relieved from her original role as ADC and played primarily as support. Here she dominates the entire lane with her skills.

Meanwhile, Elise is out and about in the jungle and can often win the first phase of the game there.

The two champions were consistently present in the group stage of the LEC with 100% participation. Of the 24 games played in the group stage, both characters were each banned 21 times. In the 3 remaining games, the champions were able to show why they should rather be banned (via

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Ashe and Elise shine with their skills

What makes champions so strong? Both champions excel at over-performing their respective roles.

  • Ashe is very strong in that she slows down enemies with each of her attacks.
  • She can do high damage with her W ability.
  • Her ultimate ability stuns enemies for up to 3.5 seconds. This is the longest stun duration in the entire game (via reddit).
Ashe’s ultimate ability
  • Elise gets through the monsters’ neutral camps very quickly in the jungle, giving her more time to support her teammates.
  • It offers good 1v1 potential for jungle combat.
  • Her ganks in lanes are very effective when she hits her E ability. The skill has a very long range and offers teammates the opportunity to attack opponents without risk.
Elise’s stun is available very often.

What is Riot Games doing about it? Riot Games has taken on both roles in the upcoming patch. Adjustments will come for both the jungle and the supporters. On the support role, the items for all ranged supports will be adjusted and this should give other supports more options.

The jungle should be completely adapted, so that it should be less attractive for teams to only insist on ganks. Defeating neutral monsters should offer more profit in the future, thereby allowing junglers to scale into the late game.

Champions like Elise are still in demand for their quick jungle clear, but the change also gives scaling champions the opportunity to shine in the jungle.

In addition to that, Elise gets a nerf herself. Your little spiders will do less damage and their W ability damage will be reduced.

How much did you use the strength of the two champions for your games? Tell us in the comments.

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