Microsoft Brings Full PC Games Catalog to Geforce Now – News

Microsoft Brings Full PC Games Catalog to Geforce Now - News

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Microsoft and Nvidia have signed a 10-year deal that will cover the full range of PC games, including Call of Duty, also provided via the Geforce Now subscription service. The partnership was announced today in Brussels after MS President BradSmith met with representatives of the EU and Sony to negotiate the Activision/Blizzard acquisition.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer adding on Twitter: “We’re committed to bringing more games to more people – however they choose to play them”.

The takeover plans are being torpedoed in particular by Sony, which argues, among other things, that franchises such as Call of Duty would create a monopoly in the hands of Microsoft. Nevertheless, there was apparently no breakthrough today in Brussels. After Microsoft had already agreed with Nintendo that the shooter series would continue to be available on their consoles, Smith again called on Sony to come to an agreement and was willing to compromise.

Smith says the deals with Nvidia and Nintendo mean Call of Duty will be available on an additional 150 million devices. He also referred to Sony’s 80 percent market share in Europe.

She [Sony] can devote all energy to blocking this business, which will limit competition and slow down the development of the market. Or they can sit down with us and negotiate a deal.

There is currently no known reaction from Sony.

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