Nintendo: Shigeru Miyamoto reassures fans: “We’re always working on Mario”

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Away from Bowser’s Fury, Mario fans have been confronted with an extreme dry spell around the jumping plumber since 2017, which seems to have no end.

Because since Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch has jumped, no new, independent platformer with the mascot has made it into the shops. Like Mario creators, fans don’t have to worry despite the long hiatus Shigeru Miyamoto personally insured.

Nintendo: The plumber will keep jumping

In a detailed interview with the colleagues from IGN Miyamoto chatted a bit out of the box and took away the concerns of the fans and the recurring questions about one new mario game the wind out of the sails: “We’re always working on Mario, so if we’re willing to share information then of course we will.”

The statement is of course deliberately kept vague and concrete information about the next title cannot be elicited from the Nintendo veteran. Nevertheless, a statement from the Mario mastermind that they are actively working on new games related to the platformer professional should be balm for the soul of the fans and reduce the suspicion of the low tide of information.

But while the last 3D Mario has been a long time coming for almost six years, the 2D offshoots are even more dramatic: since New Super Mario Bros. U Released for the Wii U in 2012, Nintendo hasn’t released a new 2D platformer. If you should take on this genre again, we wish for it more courage to be creative like it was with Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.

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About the power of Nintendo’s mascot

The interview is actually mainly about the recently opened Super Nintendo World amusement park, which is why Miyamoto does not go into further detail about Nintendo games apart from the comment on Mario. But the creative mind behind the plumber still speaks the company’s greatest strength: Your mascot.

“Nintendo has a lot of characters… I think Nintendo has sometimes lumped with other companies in the video game space, but we think Nintendo’s greatest strength is its characters and how they’re used in different media beyond games.”

“In that regard, we’re really trying to leverage all of the characters that we have and not just limit ourselves to games, but finding the best medium for the characters to thrive in, we really want to keep that in mind.” Featuring the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie In any case, Nintendo follows Miyamoto’s words with deeds.