Nintendo Switch: What’s behind the new system update

Nintendo Switch: What's behind the new system update

With the first system update in 2023, the Japanese game developer is now playing version 16.0.0 on the Nintendo Switch. But what is actually behind the patch?

First of all, the disillusionment: Despite the version number of the update, you shouldn’t expect any major changes. Of course, we will still tell you in which points the Nintendo Switch has improved.

Nintendo Switch: What does update 16.0.0 bring?

Although one might assume that there could be major innovations behind such a relevant number as that of the update, the system update actually makes fundamental improvements to the general stability of the Nintendo Switch, as has often been the case in the past. These primarily serve to increase the user-friendliness of the handheld hybrid. On top of that, there’s a smaller but notable change that affects usernames.

  • Usernames that cannot be used are delimited by “???” replaced, which can be updated in the profile settings.

So reads it is in the official patch notes of the manufacturer. Specifically, this means that if your name violates Nintendo’s policy for any reason, you must now change your name on the Switch. Otherwise it will be rendered with the three question marks. In order to change your name, you simply navigate to your profile settings.

Dataminer OatmealDome has more details about the update ready. This explains that the patch would primarily relate to the operating system of the Nintendo Switch. The so-called “bad word checking”, i.e. the checking of swear words and other formulations that violate the guidelines, has been slightly revised. The corresponding database has been adjusted.

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In addition to the update, the Nintendo Switch was on everyone’s lips for other reasons: Microsoft signed a deal with Nintendo that will expand the Call of Duty titles to bring to Japanese consoles over the next ten years.

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