Pokémon GO: Tomorrow starts the Proto-Rumble event with Rayquaza – All spawns and bonuses

Pokémon GO: Tomorrow starts the Proto-Rumble event with Rayquaza - All spawns and bonuses

In Pokémon GO, the Proto-Rumble event starts on February 22, 2023, which should serve as a preparation for the big Hoenn tour. We at MeinMMO show you all the spawns and bonuses that await you in the game.

What is this event? Next weekend, the big global Hoenn tour will take place in Pokémon GO. In preparation for this, a short Hoenn event called “Proto-Rumble” will be held starting February 22nd.

Here you will already meet the first Hoenn Pokémon and have been encountering one of the best attackers in Pokémon GO for a long time: Rayquaza. And there will also be one or two bonuses. We have summarized what exactly awaits you below.

When is the event running? The Proto-Rumble event runs from Wednesday, February 22, 2023 at 10:00 local time to Friday, February 24, 2023 at 22:00 local time.

All wild spawns for the Proto-Rumble event

In the coming days, everything in Pokémon GO revolves around the Hoenn region. For this reason, you will encounter the starter Pokémon of the 3rd generation of games in the wild, but other Hoenn Pokémon will also be found before the GO tour. You can encounter the following wild monsters during the event period:

  • dude carbor*
  • Flemmli*
  • hydropi*
  • Wurmple*
  • flutter*
  • camaub*
  • sore*

These monsters are less common:

  • Reptain
  • young heat
  • bogabbel
  • absolute*

All Pokémon that you can catch as Shiny with a bit of luck, we have you with one

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All raid bosses in the overview

The starter Pokémon of the Hoenn region and their further developments will also play a central role in the raid battles in the coming days. A special highlight, however, is the return of the legendary Pokémon Rayquaza, which is one of the best dragon attackers in Pokémon GO. After the raid, you can catch it with the new Charged Attack Broadside.

Pokemon. the one with one

are marked, with a bit of luck you can also find them in their dazzling variants

The two mega evolutions of Latias and Latios will also be of interest to many players, as they were only available in Pokémon GO for a short time last year. However, the trainers found the raids to be relatively difficult, which is why you should rely on the best attackers in Pokémon GO in battle.

We show you a selection of the strongest Pokémon in the following video:

Pokémon GO: The strongest attackers of all types in the video

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  • All Proto-Rumble event bonuses
  • In addition to some Hoenn Pokémon that you can find in the wild and in raids, there will also be a few bonuses in the coming days to prepare you for the upcoming Hoenn tour. The following awaits you:
    • double XP when evolving
    • Rayquaza has the exclusive Broadside Charged Attack if you catch it after the raid
  • Broadside deals 50 damage and lowers enemy damage in Trainer battles
    • in raids and arena battles it does 35 damage
  • Event field research around the Hoenn region
    • Reward: Items that could be important for the Hoenn tour
  • Proto-Rumble Collector’s Challenge

Reward: Ultra Balls and a Rocket Radar Hoenn Tour event stickers from gifts and at PokéStops

How do you like the Proto-Rumble event content?

Which monster will you definitely get your hands on? And are you ready for the big Hoenn tour? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers. In addition to the Proto-Rumble event, there are other ways to prepare for the big GO Tour. We show you 10 tips what you should do before the start of the Hoenn tour.