Rift is still here and gives you half a month of subscription status

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from Susan Brown
The Rift online role-playing game takes you into the magical world of Telara – and despite the silence regarding content updates, it’s still live. The operators of Gamigo prove this with a gift for new and long-established MMO players, because you will be given half a month of subscription status. Provided you manage to link your Steam account to your Glyph account.

Despite all the doom and gloom – there are people who assume that the golden age of online role-playing games is definitely a thing of the past – there is still the MMO Rift, which at the time of release scored above all with its beginner-friendliness reminiscent of WoW. Eleven years later Rift celebrated its tenth anniversary in March 2022the online role-playing game is still on, although not much has happened in terms of content updates for a while (if those still playing are to be believed).

The question of when the operators of Gamigo will say “enough is enough” is quite justified, but the time doesn’t seem to have come for an end yet. Via a press release, the operators of Rift (buy now €16.95 )(via Massively overpowered) announces that Rift veterans and newcomers alike will be granted Paragon subscription status from “tomorrow” (theoretically February 22, 2023) until March 8, 2023. This paragon status counts from the day of login. Additional bonuses also bring you:

  • 40 percent bonus experience, which you can also switch off
  • Servants gain 5 percent more experience thanks to the Overlord bonus
  • 10 percent increased speed on a mount, 25 percent faster mounting a mount, and a 5 percent reduced chance of being thrown from the saddle
  • Supply Loot Crates have an increased chance of “Marvelous Loot”
  • The Patron Fast Pass lets you teleport from anywhere in the game world every 30 minutes without having to use a Portalicum
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