Sons of the Forest: Legendary speedrun of the predecessor even blows the developers away!

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Speedruns have been an intriguing and popular form of entertainment for many years. It is not without reason that large events such as the GDQ series always attract huge crowds of spectators. The reaction of those who once developed a game is also very popular in these ranks. It’s not uncommon for a team to be amazed at the absurd ways the community finds to complete a level so darn fast. It is precisely such an example that currently makes a survival title The Forest the round.

The predecessor as a speedrun festival

IGN repeatedly publishes videos on YouTube about how people who have worked on a game react to a speed run for the same game. In the most recent case, Evan Haley and Rod Green, respectively, the lead tester of Endnight Games and the project director of Sons of the Forest watched the run. There was amazement at the time of 19 minutes and 52 seconds enormous in the “Peaceful” category.

For comparison: According to the “Howlongtobeat” website, you normally need around 10,000 to play through the multiplayer title 15 hours. Rather than gruelingly acquire weapons and gear to face the game’s final challenge, Akaya Kaito cleverly uses the game’s more or less stable physics to his own advantage. In terms of marketing, such a run is currently a perfect fit. Finally, Sons of the Forest, the eagerly awaited successor to the first part, is just around the corner.

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