Who noticed? This error was overlooked in The Last of Us

The film crew in a scene from The Last of Us.

Filmmakers are only human. Ideally, a series or blockbuster movie will provide the perfect illusion to captivate viewers. But even in the most expensive productions, there are always blunders that find their way into the finished version and thus onto the Internet. For example, during the legendary chariot race in Gladiator (2000), you could briefly spot a gas bottle. In historical drama Troy (2004) even flew a real plane over Brad Pitt. And in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002) you could clearly see that it wasn’t magic, but rather a cable that made the wizard’s apprentice fly through the air.

Errors in The Last of Us: who are these people?

Mistakes in HBO productions seem to have a long tradition. So you forgot in game of Thrones a disposable cup filled with coffee, which then had to be digitally removed in a time-consuming process. And a faux pas also happened with the prequel series House of the Dragon. In one scene, two of the main character’s fingers, which were actually amputated, were only covered with green “preventatives”, which in retrospect were not retouched became.

Something also went wrong in post-production in HBO’s new hit series. So you can see the film crew in a short scene during the sixth episode of The Last of Us. The Colleagues of Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones) and Pedro Pascal (Star Wars: The Mandalorian) hide in a wide shot 12 minutes and 37 seconds only half-heartedly under a tree and can therefore be seen on the lower left edge of the screen.

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Film crew in a scene from the sixth episode of The Last of Us season 1.
Source: Screenshot – PC Games

What happens to the bug in The Last of Us?

thanks to the digitalization such mistakes can be corrected relatively easily nowadays. At least when it comes to streaming goes. In this case, the source file can be revised and replaced accordingly. It would be more difficult if the release had already taken place on Blu-ray or DVD. And even in the cinema, you can’t simply replace film files with nothing, nothing for you. The individual copies are individualized for the cinemas with special access keys and cannot be downloaded as often as you like.