Wild Hearts: Lightstones – Everything about the locality and how you get them the easiest

Wild Hearts Lightstone Vein

In Wild Hearts you can use huge weapons to challenge even bigger monsters in order to save the islands from a great disaster. However, in order for you to be strong enough, you need light stones. We’ll show you everything you need to know about this resource here in our guide.

What are light stones? This valuable and above all important resource are stones that you will get hold of in Chapter 2. They are needed so you can upgrade other weapons in your arsenal to do even more damage to monsters.

However, so that you know exactly where to get them, we will show you where they are found and a tip on how you can generate light stones efficiently and without much effort.

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Wild Hearts: How to find the light stones on your journeys

Where can I find light stones? In order to find Lightstones, you must first play through Chapter 2 to unlock Fuyufusagi Fortress. You then have to go exploring in this area and take a closer look at the surrounding map.

Finding the Lightstone Veins isn’t difficult, as they sprout all over the map and around the Fuyufusagi Fortress and Ruins. However, it is also easier to use your Karakuri balls.

This is how you generate light stones without much effort: To collect Light Stones in a convenient way, you can build a Tsukomo Shrine of Ore.

This is what your farm looks like with the friendly Karakuri Orbs

This shrine houses your Tsukomos that you have recovered in your hunts. So that these cute Karakuri spheres say thank you, they collect materials for you that you can pick up from them after a certain time.

So all you have to do is unlock the shrine building talent in your skills and own Tsukomos. Your little friends will take care of everything else.

That was our little guide to the Light Stones. Note that you can also use the Tsukomo Shrine for other types of ores. So you are always taken care of and do not have to constantly travel to ensure supplies.

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