WoW: More class individuality, more content like “Green Fire for Witchers”!

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In Mists of Pandaria, the fourth expansion for the online role-playing game World of Warcraft, came a way for warlocks to encase their previously red fire spells in green flames straight from the infernal forge of the Burning Legion. You just have to Sealed Tome of the Lost Legionwhich occasionally drops from rare enemies on Isle of Thunder, combine with a Healthstone to unlock the Codex of Xerrath to obtain, and thus the quest An unusual tome to start. As part of a quest series that has quite tough challenges in store, you not only learn more about the warlocks themselves, but you can finally unlock the devilish legion look for your red fire spells in the warlock-only scenario Infiltration of the Black Temple.

Such a customization option for a class’s spells was brand new to WoW at the time… and it’s still unparalleled. The developers were acclaimed for challenging the witcher scenario. At the same time, there was also a lot of praise for such a simple yet fun implementation of something that WoW characters have been dying for since most glyphs in the game went away: spell customization options. Whether it’s for roleplaying reasons or just to give player characters an option for a look, different looks for spells are always requested by fans. And as you can see from the quest for the green sorcerer’s fire, among other things, these optics are also possible.

Inherit Dark Moonkin spells from Tyrande

Remember when Tyrande Whisperwind became a Night Warrior in WoW Patch 8.1? Not only has this given her a sinister look, her spells have also been given a dark coat of paint, as you can see in the animations by Blizzard’s VFX artist Ethan Zink, if you use his Artstation account visited. The spells appear to be inspired in appearance by Moonfire, Starsurge, and Starfall. Wouldn’t it be possible to make these Balance Druid-inspired spells accessible to…let’s say…Balance Druids as well?

This question is also asked by WoW YouTuber and influencer Bellular in his video, in which he asks the people at Blizzard to revive this “forgotten” feature of magic customization in online role-playing games. Michael “Bellular” Bell sees in the discipline-priest talent that such a way of adapting our characters’ spells is also possible in the Dragonflight expansion shadow alliance. The buff caused by this ensures that the holy spells Radiate, Divine Star and Penance are converted into shadow spells for seven seconds – including an adjustment to the optics. An otherwise glowing golden atonement becomes a version that has a shadow look in addition to golden glitter effects.

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Not just unlock, please

Bell can think of a number of customizations for spell effects. How about a red additional effect on the Holy spells for blood elf paladins who choose the path of the blood knight? What about paladins who have a light-sense crisis and feel more inspired by the Void, so to speak, void paladins? What about orc and draenei shamans affected by the light? How about mages with blue arcane spells, a sin or soul concept for priests, warriors devoted to elements? Tauren sunwalker paladins with fiery spells?

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Hunters could be more inspired by the wind elements of the plains of Ohn’ahra centaurs. Warriors could learn something from the elemental magic of the Djaradin. And what about the Monks, who can get a red version of their Crackling Jade Lightning via a glyph… but that’s where it ends? Then why not signal mistweaver fistweaving with a spell color change? In Michael Bell’s eyes, there’s enough reason in World of Warcraft lore (buy now )to allow such spell customizations. It would just take a few animators and VFX people to get to work. But is that really the end of it?