After twelve years, Throne and Liberty is apparently as good as finished!

After Lost Ark so Throne and Liberty: Amazon Games again as MMO publisher?  (1)

from Susan Brown
The developers of the online role-playing game Throne and Liberty from NCSoft announce that a last, final gameplay test has taken place in Korea, which ran until February 22, 2023. So that means that the MMO, which once operated under the name Lineage Eternal, could be largely finished.

Throne and Liberty has had a long and strewn development period. In 2011, the first gameplay for the online role-playing game, which was then known as Lineage Eternal, was shown. In the meantime, Lineage Eternal became Project TL and then finally Throne and Liberty, which is due to appear soon, in the first half of 2023 – so a whopping twelve years have already been worked on the project, which has been completely rebuilt in the meantime. The playtesters who looked at Lineage Eternal in 2016 gave the game a rather devastating verdict.

And hopefully these twelve years will come to an end soon. Not just that Throne and Liberty (buy now ) looks impressively good and fun in previously published gameplay trailers, no, the final gameplay tests have now also taken place in Asia, as announced via the official T&L account on Twitter.

100 players for a hallelujah?

From February 20th to 22nd, 2023, 100 players were allowed to plunge into the world of Throne and Liberty for a playtest, the media are said to be allowed to play again tomorrow (February 23rd). And then nothing should stand in the way of the release of Throne and Liberty, right?