All 26 manual pages on The Hogwarts Legacy Grand Staircase locations

Hogwarts Legacy: All Manual Pages.  The Great Staircase (Solutions, Guide, Locations)

Anyone interested in collecting come in Hogwarts legacy full on the costs, because there are many secrets to be revealed. Just like the manual pageswhich can be found throughout the school building, including the big staircase. But the search is worth it, because you get a lot of experience points and new clothing.

Such manual pages can be found in different ways. Some are obtained by solving the puzzle of an empty painting, others are only obtained through the Magic Revelio revealed, and some require even greater knowledge of Charms. But they will all be here in our Guide listed.

The Grand Staircase – All Manual Pages: Revelio

  • Bust of Ravenclaw: Located in Ravenclaw Tower, on the stairs leading to the common room. If you start with this house, the bust will automatically be added to the manual as the story progresses.
  • Ravenclaw Door KnockerMission: Go inside the Ravenclaw Tower and follow the stairs up to the Ravenclaw common room. This page can be revealed just outside the entrance to how members of this house had to solve a riddle to be granted entry at the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Movable stairs: On your way to the Flea Flame location Great Staircase Tower, you will pass a very small mezzanine where the stairs further up must first appear. Use Revelo here to find another entry.
  • trophy room: This handbook entry is in the room of the same name, directly across from the Goblet of Fire Strongbox.
  • troll armorMission: Go to the Trophy Room at the top of the Moving Stairs. The troll armor is directly across from the fast travel point, so it can’t be missed.
  • centaur armor: Like the troll armor, this antique is in the trophy room, the highest room in this area of ​​Hogwarts. Search the outer ring for the clearly visible display case containing the armor.
  • house armor: Also in the trophy room, just before the heavy iron gate that blocks the stairs to the top.
  • Casket of the Goblet of FireMission: You can find it in the Trophy Room, in the room itself. Just use Revelio to find the right spot.
  • Aisle from Honeydukes: Found right next to the Flea Flame location, Teacher’s Tower. The one-eyed witch, where the manual page is hidden, you have to visit in the course of the secondary mission Dissendium for sweets.
  • House elf recipe book: From the Flea Flame location The Grand Staircase, go down the dark, narrow spiral staircase. Halfway you see a thick book in a display case, this is about this entry.
  • Hufflepuff barrelsMission: From the Flea Flame location The Grand Staircase, go down the dark, narrow spiral staircase, past the painting that leads to the kitchen, and to the end of the hallway where you can examine these barrels.
  • pear portrait: This refers to the secret entrance to the Hogwarts kitchen. Go to the Flea Flame location of the Great Staircase in the school’s region of the same name. Follow the spiral staircase down and use Revelio right in front of the portrait that serves as the entrance to the kitchen.
  • kitchen tables: Located in the Hogwarts kitchen. Find the Flea Flame location Great Staircase in the area of ​​the same name. Right next to this point, a narrow staircase leads down in the dark. There, in the equally dark corridor, you can interact with the large still life by tickling the pear. In the kitchen behind you will find what you are looking for.
  • Gargoyles in front of the Headmaster’s OfficeMission: Use Revelio just outside the office entrance. You can find the location by going upstairs from the trophy room. Can only with Alohomora (Level 2) be reached.
  • Sleeping portraits: Located in the small antechamber of the Headmaster’s Office, which you can first enter during Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial main mission.
  • The Sorting HatMission: Just like the sleeping portraits, this entry cannot be found until you have access to the Headmaster’s office. This happens automatically during the primary quest Trial of Niamh Fitzgerald.
  • Pen of Admission and Book of AdmissionMission: This handbook entry is in the secret room across from the Headmaster’s office. This place is one of the 3 secrets of Hogwarts and can only be entered once you have retrieved the key from the study above the mentioned office, for which you need Alohomora at level 3.
  • The Scriptorium of Salazar Slytherin: In order to reach this location and collect the manual page, you must pursue the relationship quest In the Shadow of the Study, which is available when you pursue Sebastian’s quests.
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The Grand Staircase – All Manual Pages: Empty Painting

  • Empty painting #1: Find the tower that connects the Grand Staircase to the Library Annex and go all the way down. The frame is at the foot of the spiral staircase and one floor up, near the green wallpaper, is the moth you are looking for, which, as always, will lead you back to the painting.
  • Empty painting #2: The painting hangs right next to the entrance to the headmaster’s office, well above the trophy room, and can only be taken with Alohomora (Level 1) be reached. The moth sits above the stairway at the end of the narrow, ornate corridor that leads upstairs.

The Grand Staircase – All Manual Pages: Levioso

  • Levioso Spell #1: If you want to leave the Great Staircase, the place where the stairs are constantly moving, to the west/northwest, towards Ravenclaw Tower, you will pass a statue that you can mark with Revelio and open with Levioso.
  • Levioso Spell #2: In addition to a fire bowl that you can ignite with Confringo and a flying paper that you catch with Accio, you will also find this statue in the college courtyard near the Flea Flame location of the same name.
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The Grand Staircase – All Manual Pages: Confringo

  • Confringo Spell #1Mission: Go to the Grand Staircase area and then all the way up. Just before the junction that leads to the trophy room, you can follow steps to a dead end. Directly opposite you see a brazier that you can ignite with Confringo to finally get the manual page via Accio.
  • Confringo Spell #2: Found near the Flea Flame location Kolleghof. Search the outer wall with Revelio and you can again use a combination of Confringo and Accio to expand your manual.
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The Grand Staircase All Manual Pages: Flying Paper

  • Flying Paper #1: This scrap of paper flies in generous circles at the bottom of the Grand Staircase. Check out the Flea Flame location on the Grand Stairs regularly.
  • Flying Paper #2: go to the college courtyard. Here you will not only find a brazier on the walls that you can ignite with Confringo, but also this flying manual page.