Amouranth: She earns this unbelievable sum with Twitch, Onlyfans & Co.

Was verdient Amouranth im Monat mit Twitch und Onlyfans

The boys from YouTube channel Full Squad Gaming have their own podcast. In the squadcast, they interview different well-known personalities and talk about different topics. In one of their last videos they had amouranth to guest. The streamer chats among other things their earnings a little out of the sewing box.

That’s how much Amouranth earns with Twitch and Onlyfans

Their main sources of income, and the only ones most people know about, are Twitch and Onlyfans. Currently Amouranth is one of the biggest female streamers worldwide and has well over 10,000 subscribers. They bring a lot of money with them.

The main business of the young American is still her Onlyfans account. She deserves a good one with that seven-digit amount.

“Twitch is basically $100,000 a month based on my numbers. […] Onlyfans is 1.5 million per month so that’s quite a big difference.”

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When asked by the moderator why not with the streaming stops and exclusively makes onlyfans, she answers the following:

“I’m having fun. But mostly, Twitch is a billboard where I get paid for the advertising I do. […] Social media shadowbans a lot of sexy content. Your reach is pretty limited on all other platforms except Twitch.”

Amouranth is a proficient businesswoman

Amouranth is not just one much discussed streamerbut also a very successful business woman. In addition to her online business, she has built other mainstays outside of the Internet. The flow as passive income to her account without her having to do much for it.

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In recent years, she has some Bought gas stations, which yield an income through the lease that nobody has to actively take care of. Here the young woman puts her annual earnings on approx $85,000 firmly.

We can assume that they still have some investments told nothing has. So you lie Minimum monthly income over $1.6 milliontendency rather higher.