Diablo 3: Which class are you playing in Season 28? Ask the Wheel of Fortune

Diablo 3: Which class are you playing in Season 28?  Ask the Wheel of Fortune

The start of Season 28 in Diablo 3 is imminent. But which class should and do you want to play? Vote in our poll or ask the wheel of fortune.

What’s going on in Diablo 3? Season 28 kicks off on Friday with a new seasonal theme and balance changes. Many are now wondering which class to play in the new season.

In our article we offer you a poll where you can vote for one of the seven classes. If you are unsure, you should first look at the patch notes, which we also go into here. If you prefer to let “fate” decide, then simply turn the embedded wheel of fortune at the bottom of the article and let a class be determined for you.

What changes in Season 28?

This is the topic: The new Altar of Rites will have a major impact on the season. This feature allows you to spend materials to unlock specific powers or potions. A powerful tool.

Balance Changes: Various classes are getting buffs in Season 28 that could make them interesting for some of you.

  • The Monk has had adjustments to Combo Strike, Crippling Surge, Deadly Reach, and Way of the Hundred Fists skills
  • Item changes are available for Monk, Barbarian, Witch Doctor, Necromancer
  • The Demon Hunter has some major changes to items

We show you the overview of the patch notes and the content for Season 28 with patch 2.7.5 here.

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Poll: Which class are you playing in Season 28?

Vote here: Each of you has a vote that you can distribute to one of the seven Diablo 3 classes. If you plan on playing multiple classes in Season 28, simply cast your vote for the selection you’re most looking forward to.

The Wheel of Fortune helps with the class choice

You can do this: Is it not so important to you to decide which class you want to play with in Season 28? Then you can let the wheel of fortune decide for you. This is a digital wheel of fortune that you can start by tapping or clicking. It then stops on one of the seven classes.

If you are hesitating between two or more classes, you can use the wheel to help you decide. Click on the wheel to make it spin and then bring you a result.

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Have you decided on a class for Season 28 in Diablo 3? It doesn’t matter whether you chose it with the help of the wheel or based on your own arguments, write us here on MeinMMO in the comments why you chose this class and what you intend to do with it. Do you prefer to just play solo for yourself or is it the group content that draws you in?

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