Diablo 4 comes with gigantic MMO bosses: “They are so big, the camera has to zoom out further”

Diablo 4 comes with gigantic MMO bosses: "They are so big, the camera has to zoom out further"

Blizzard has released a new video for Diablo 4. In this, several developers talk about how the upcoming action RPG came about and show you the world they built: the environment, the enemies, but also friendly NPCs.

What are these bosses?

  • Diablo 4, Blizzard’s new action RPG, is said to have some MMO elements in the game. Including an open world and multiplayer features.
  • In the world itself there are world bosses that you can only fight in groups – either with friends or people who happen to be there. You need world bosses to reach higher difficulty levels.
  • In a new video, the developers present the world of Diablo 4 in more detail, including the world bosses. They should be pretty big.

This is the new video: In just under 8 minutes, several developers explain what they’ve been working on in Diablo 4. The focus is mainly on the world and the design of the environment and the opponent.

Almost at the end, the language comes to world bosses. Two of these are shown: a kind of giant treasure goblin that looks like a spiked version of Diablo 3’s Greed, and a demon that looks like a StarCraft Zerg.

Senior Quest Designer Harrison Pink says of the bosses: “[Die Bosse] are so big that the camera has to zoom out further. You have the option to fight these bosses with friends or strangers to defeat them.”

Players have previously compared Diablo 4’s world bosses to WoW – but they are more reminiscent of Lost Ark. You can see the video here:

Diablo 4: The World of Sanctuary in video with enemies and huge bosses

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Open world, terrible enemies and pettable dogs

In addition to the bosses, there was some information about other content in the game, including the open world, enemies and even pets that are supposed to be in the game, at least for NPCs. For example, there should be dogs that you can pet.

The design of Diablo 4 should again be much darker than its predecessor. A developer writes about a special spider that attacks corpses and heads towards players. When she dies, she explodes into lots of little spiders.

New boss finds Diablo 4 creepy: “The stuff of nightmares”

The developers also emphasize that the open world should feel “right”. Enemies in corresponding zones should “fit” by having thicker fur in ice regions or lighter clothing in deserts, although they are the same opponents.

The open world should also offer some features, most of which are already known, but still sound exciting:

  • Lilith Altars grant you permanent buffs for all characters
  • random events in the world provide content as you explore
  • Quests should provide you with small story snippets and background information
  • if you cleanse a “fortress”, it will be permanently freed and open up new possibilities

Shortly before that there was a video with the first in-game cinematic, in which you can even see your own character:

Diablo 4: This is what the first few minutes of the game look like

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Many of these features were already played in the first official tests for Diablo 4 and were extremely well received by the testers. In general, Diablo 4 makes a good impression on most who have been able to play so far.

Diablo 4 will be released on June 6th for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. If you want to gamble beforehand, you can take part in an open beta in March. If you pre-order one of the editions, you can even play for 2 weekends:

Diablo 4: Open Beta – Everything about launch and early access


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