Final Fantasy XIV: Glamor and Projections – How “Transmog” works in the MMORPG

ffxiv Swyrgeim colors quest

To ensure that your characters in Final Fantasy XIV always look as chic as possible, the developers introduced the projection system, also known as glamour. Here’s where to unlock it and how it works.

What is glamour? Glamor or projections are understood in FFXIV as the common WoW term transmog. You can make your gear look like other outfits if the necessary conditions are met.

In general, the glamor in FFXIV is considered “the true endgame”. Fans of the MMORPG spend countless hours matching their clothes to find the perfect look for every occasion. The devs give them new equipment and various tools for updates.

How do I unlock the feature? The glamor function must first be unlocked through a short quest before it can be used. You can find the quest here:

  • Location: Western Thanalan (X: 12.6 / Y: 14.3). Not far from the entrance to the solar wind.
  • Quest Name: Nice shine
  • NPC: Swyrgeim
The quest is available from this nice lady.

A notice: If you also want to change the color of your equipment as well, you must first complete another quest called “Theory of Colors”. But they are from the same NPC and in the same place.

This allows you to use projection prisms to change the look of your gear. You have to make sure that you meet all the conditions for a projection:

  • You must have at least one prism in your inventory
  • The respective items must be in your possession
  • The two items must be of the same type: a pair of pants is always projected onto another pair of pants, a hat onto another hat, etc.
  • The item level of the base item must be the same or higher: you cannot project an item level 600 top onto one that is only item level 240.
  • Both items must be usable from the same job: you cannot project equipment from a paladin onto a bard
  • Both items must be usable by the same race and gender: You cannot project equipment that can only be worn by female Miqo’te onto male Au Ra
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In order to project the desired item onto another, you must open the projection menu with a right click and select the correct equipment there:

What are projection prisms? The Prisms are a tool you need to change the look of your gear. One prism is automatically consumed per projection. If you have no more prisms in your inventory, a projection is not possible.

You can get them from the following sources:

  • Produce by crafting
  • Exchange them for talers at your own state company
  • Buy at the market board

The projection dresser and the projection panels

ffxiv projection dresser limsa
You can find the dressers in every restaurant.

What is that? You can find the projection dresser in the inns of the three starter cities and in Kugane. It serves two different purposes: On the one hand, it is additional inventory space for your equipment. You can store up to 800 different pieces of armor there, from weapons to gloves and trousers to earrings.

Inventory space has always been expanded in the past, so it’s entirely possible that the dresser will expand again at some point in the future.

Here you can store equipment from your arsenal or inventory in the dresser, sort it by job, but above all, combine different outfits and save them on projection plates.

What are projection panels? The records offer you the opportunity to let off steam creatively with the clothing combinations. You can assign the individual parts of a record and “fix” them to it, so that you end up with a selection of different outfits that you have put together yourself.

ffxiv edit projection board
You can place the equipment from your dresser on projection plates and put together outfits.

The same rules apply as above for “normal” projections. This means you can’t layer two pieces of gear from different jobs on top of each other, own projection prisms, and so on.

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The drop-down menu on the right allows you to sort your collection by individual jobs to make your search easier. As a result, only the items that the respective job can create or that can be carried by all jobs are displayed.

You can currently save up to 20 different sets in total, but here too it is possible that the number will be increased in the future.

When you’re happy with your creation, you can save it and use it with the click of a button. However, this only works if you are in a city.

ffxiv create projection board
The menu item in your character overview opens the selection of the saved projection plates.

projection plates and armor sets

Here’s how you can connect them: Not every armor item in FFXIV is exclusive to a job. Different job roles such as healers, tanks or magicians often share individual armor sets among themselves. If you still want to have different projections for the same set, for example on your white mage and astrologer, you can achieve this with a link.

To do this, you have to go to your equipment set list in the character menu and right-click on the desired equipment set to open a submenu.

connect ffxiv projection plates equipment sets
If you want to have different projections for different jobs for a piece of armor, you have to link them accordingly in the menu.

This opens the overview of your projection plates and you can select the plate that you want to assign to the respective equipment set.

Once the two are linked, the projection will run automatically whenever you create the respective set. Provided you are in a city of course, as the projections cannot be done outside of it. You can change or cancel this link as you wish.

Do you have any tips on projections yourself? Tell us in the comments.

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