Geforce Now: Microsoft and Activision games are coming

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The Nvidia Geforce Now range is to be expanded to include Microsoft games in the future. Activision games will also be made available via the streaming service – if the Activision takeover is approved.


Geforce Now: Games from Microsoft and Activision will soon be playable via Nvidia's streaming service.
Geforce Now: Games from Microsoft and Activision will soon be playable via Nvidia’s streaming service.
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Microsoft will bring games from its in-house Xbox Game Studios to Nvidia Geforce Now: like company president Brad Smith as part of a press conference (via The Verge) announced that games like Forza Horizon 5 or Halo Infinite should soon be playable via Nvidia’s streaming service.

All Activision Blizzard games, whose takeover by Microsoft has still not received approval, are to be included in the Geforce Now portfolio. The agreement itself runs for ten years and relates exclusively to the rights to stream the respective Microsoft games – accordingly, the games must still be purchased so that users can unlock them for Geforce Now.

To what extent Xbox Game Pass plays a role in the streaming options is still unclear. According to another report from the portal The Verge Microsoft has “no announcement yet” ready for this. A completely separate handling of the Game Pass from Geforce Now would be conceivable – but the connection of the game subscription to the Nvidia streaming service does not seem completely impossible either.

Why Microsoft is collaborating with Geforce Now

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard has been dragging on for a little over a year now – critics say the deal could give the company supremacy through exclusive games. Probably also to counteract this, Microsoft has made a promise to publish the Call of Duty series, which serves as a prime example of the potentially negative consequences of the takeover, on Nintendo consoles for at least 10 years.

So now follows Microsoft’s announcement that Call of Duty and other Activision and Xbox games will also be available for Nvidia Geforce Now. In return, Nvidia stirs in one press release already the advertising drum for the Microsoft deal: The partnership brings gamers interesting opportunities and solves the concerns that Nvidia had about the Activision announcement. Accordingly, Nvidia now assures “its full support” of the Activision takeover by Microsoft.



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