Grab the PS5 hit Immortals Fenyx Rising for the amazing price of only €15!

Grab the PS5 hit Immortals Fenyx Rising for the amazing price of only €15!

Immortals Fenyx Rising was released at the end of 2020 and surprised with a great open world adventure. At Amazon you can get the game particularly cheap, for only 15 euros.

In December 2020, a great game was released with Immortals Fenyx Rising, including for the NextGen consoles. But if you wanted to play the open-world adventure on the PS5, you probably had problems buying the console at all. More than two years later, PS5 availability isn’t perfect, but it’s significantly better than when the console and game were released. That’s why this offer is the perfect time to catch up on the adventure on the Golden Isle. Because you can now get the game on Amazon for only 15 euros.

Buy Immortals Fenyx Rising on Amazon

How good is Immortals Fenyx Rising?

The reviews from the trade press about Immortals are mostly very positive. Our colleagues from the GamePro awarded a total of 87 out of 100 points.

Immortals takes you into the world of Greek mythology. As Fenyx, you are washed up on the shore of the Golden Isle after a shipwreck. There you will be given a daunting task: the dark fire demon Typhon has turned everyone into stone and the four great gods of the island (Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Ares, Athena) into helpless creatures. Fenyx should save the gods and neutralize Typhon in order to free the Golden Island and its inhabitants.

The Greek gods are not only a central point of the story, the action is also told by them. Father of the gods Zeus appears as an omnipresent narrator from the off. Together with Prometheus, he repeatedly comments on the events and even gives interesting background knowledge at various points. The special humor of the game also comes to the fore. Zeus and Prometheus regularly allow themselves to be carried away with amusing comments about the game events or even wars of words among themselves. This humor may strike some as too clumsy, but fortunately that’s a matter of taste.

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After a short introduction, the huge open world opens and invites you to explore. Each of the bewitched gods has their own area on the island that is themed around them. From green valleys to barren ruins to imposing temples, these areas are very varied. And it still looks very nice. The foresight and panoramic views from hilltops down are spectacular. At sunrise or sunset, the huge statues and temples are bathed in atmospheric light.

Away from the path that leads to the salvation of the respective deity, there is also plenty to do and experience. There are picture puzzles to be solved, time challenges in which you have to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible, valuable treasure chests to be looted or puzzle dungeons to be explored. This sounds very much like the Ubisoft formula, but the developers have significantly reduced these secondary activities and distributed them in such a way that it no longer feels like dull work, but more like variety.

The fights in Immortals Fenyx Rising are also varied. Both with the different designs of the opponents such as harpies, soldiers or cyclops, as well as with the selection of available weapons. In addition to sword, ax and bow, you have an ever-increasing range of divine abilities at your disposal. With the Wrath of Ares you can throw your opponents into the air and continue to attack there. The Hammer of Hephaestus, on the other hand, knocks down enemies and continues to damage them. This results in numerous different combinations of attacks and divine abilities.

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With Immortals Fenyx Rising you get a compact package of interesting story with light humor, varied fights and an atmospheric world in which exploring is great fun. If you haven’t had the pleasure of immersing yourself in this version of Greek mythology before, you can now do so for the small price of 15€.

Buy Immortals Fenyx Rising on Amazon

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