Guild Wars 2: Trailer for the next story patch? Community puzzles

The grin of a lottery winner: My sand fox has prevailed against other (equally chic) ​​skins in the new random mount summon.

from Matthias Brueckle
Coming February 28, 2023, Guild Wars 2 will see the very first story patch of a new era – an adventure after the war against the Elder Dragons! On top of that, the developers have said goodbye to the Living World release cadence. So why is there still no trailer for this major patch?

In Guild Wars 2, a remarkable era has come to an end after ten years: the fight against the Elder Dragons seems to be over – the world has become much safer. But of course an MMORPG needs adventure and danger, so soon on February 28, 2023about a year after the release of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, a new story is waiting for us.

This should also represent the beginning of a new type of content, no longer tied to the “living world” that has accompanied us in GW2 for years of new content. It always presented the developers with problems. Such a significant story patch should come with a lot of hype – one would think. But where does the hype stay? The community is asking the same question.