Hooray, a new Doom has been announced! – what is that supposed to be?

Hooray, a new Doom has been announced!  - what is that supposed to be?

Finally coming a new doom! At first glance, this surprising news is likely to many Shooter fans around the world induce euphoria. However, at second glance, Bethesda’s announcement does not turn out to be what the community might have secretly hoped for. you are expected not a new first-person shooter of the developer studio id Software, but about Something completely different.

This is mighty doom

Bethesda announces Mighty Doom actually a new game from the Doom universe at. However, this is an action game exclusively for mobile platforms will appear. Basically, you’re dealing with one Top down shooter to do that puts you in the role of Mini Slayers staggered and against numerous demon hordes lets fight. Among other things, a few await you Rogue-lite elements: After death, the hero can return to battle and try again with upgraded weapons. For the development is the studio Alpha Dog Games responsible.

Again just released trailer shows, the gameplay of Mighty Doom is very fast. It will surely good reflexes be in demand in order to shoot your way successfully through the individual areas. Stand by the hero large arsenal of weapons available, besides he can different skills unlock that will help him fight the demons. The graphics of Mighty Doom are in one rather cute comic look maintained, which is also excellent to see in the trailer.

Mighty Doom: Rocking trailer for the new action game from the Doom universe

When is Mighty Doom coming out?

The Release of Mighty Doom for Android and iOS is already for March 21, 2023 planned, so you don’t even have to wait a month. You can visit the official website register in advancethis phase is running until March 19th. Suitable for the launch an event instead of where her the mini-slayer package with all sorts of extras received as a reward. This includes weapon skins, equipment keys and 80 crystals as in-game currency.

Source: bethesda


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