Make your best move with Samsung Galaxy S23

Make your best move with Samsung Galaxy S23

Lose a game. Yes, it can be that the excitement deflates you when your adrenaline is rising as victory approaches in a gaming session with your friends. But surely something worse has happened to you: that the loss is not due to a drop in your gaming skills or a bad streak, but to the performance of your smartphone, which began to fail with the graphics, to slow down, to the fact that the battery charge dropped to less than 20% and Therefore, your phone could not attend to the strategic movements of your fingers in the commands and you ended up relegated, in a place far from your path as a gamer.

Now you have the chance to top it, with the new smartphone samsung high-end, the Galaxy S23. There will be no going back to those adverse episodes, with the super efficient performance of its processor and other technical attributes. You will have the comfort you want when you play with your mobile phone: a device that runs the graphics fluently, foolproof continuity, without heating problems, with a more realistic image quality. Unprecedented power and consistency, to enjoy your gaming to the fullest with the technology that Samsung Electronics has optimized so that you can excel in competitions.

Graphic efficiency for the fluidity you want

Some experts in the world of gamers consider that it is no surprise that technology companies manufacture increasingly efficient processors, perhaps because it seems to be a point of honor in the competition between them. But without a doubt, for a smartphone to raise its performance to such an optimal level as the Samsung Galaxy S23 offers is not a simple novelty. Through an alliance between the South Korean brand and Qualcomm, the mobile platform Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 for Galaxythe mobile gaming experience marks a before and after.

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The gaming performance of your new device is unprecedented. Powerful graphics performance (40% faster than previous models), allowing you to enjoy maximum realism, with stability in the development of the “plot” of the game and, as if that were not enough, with a high-definition display, which supports a Super smooth 120Hz refresh rate. The images of your video game on the screen of the Galaxy S23 will surprise you: lighting, reflections and shadows are even more realistic thanks to the moduleray tracing” Samsung Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

You will have total immersion, without interruptions, you may be surprised when you see that your new smartphone runs graphics in a more agile, uninterrupted and “natural” way, compared to what you have experienced online so far. Your hands will trigger the commands and your Samsung device will react with faster response speeds.

Anticipating the future of ultimate digital realism, Galaxy S23 Ultra was also engineered to effectively reproduce the real-time ray tracing coming to mobile games. Thus, gamers will be able to see much more real scenes thanks to technology that simulates and tracks each ray of light.

Elevate your excitement, no warm-ups and an improved battery

The new gaming experience with the Galaxy S23 is possible, among other technological attributes, because the South Korean brand optimized he cooling system that helps to maintain your rhythm of the game. The S23 features vapor chambers with a much larger dissipation area than previous devices. This significantly improves the performance of the processor and, therefore, elevate your comfort. In this way, the temperature of the chip is kept at controlled levels during prolonged gaming sessions.

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In addition, the new Samsung premium series equipment has a 5000 mAh upgraded batteryan advantage for users who enjoy playing during marathon days.

Apply the best strategy, make your best moves, stay on the winners’ podium, with the top gaming phone You cannot leave it in the hands of any brand. Samsung Electronics has designed it for you.