Mighty Doom is a new Doom game, but…

Mighty Doom is a new Doom game, but...

Bethesda has announced a new Doom game. But before you get excited about a new Doom from id Software: It’s about a mobile offshoot.

It’s called Mighty Doom and is being developed by Canadian studio Alpha Dog, which belongs to Zenimax.

On the road with the Mini Slayer

It’s a cartoon-themed, top-down, single-touch shooter in which you play the Mini Slayer.

It’s also set in the Animated Doom Universe. Hands up: who knew this existed?

More on the subject:

You can see a little gameplay in the trailer below:

“Run and shoot your way through hordes of endearingly violent demons, iconic levels, and challenging bosses as you level up, unlock powerful abilities, and upgrade your gear and weapons.” Oh yes, rogue-lite gameplay is also mentioned.

Mighty Doom is scheduled for release on March 21, 2023 for iOS and Android.

Again, the last major Doom was Doom Eternal, which was released in 2020.


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