One Piece – Who is the Strongest of the Four Emperors?

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The world of pirates will be in one piece of the Four Emperors controlled. These are pirate captains with such great power that not even the world government dares attack them without a plan.

The question arises which of the Four Emperors is stronger than all the others. We unraveled which Emperor has the greatest potential to outdo the others.

These are the Four Emperors in One Piece

At the beginning of “One Piece” were Whitebeard, Shanks, Big Mom and Kaido the four emperors. But now three of the four pirates have been replaced. Blackbeard absorbed Whitebeard’s fel powers upon his death, thus replacing his place.

Kaido and Big Mom were defeated by Eustass Kid, Trafalgar Law and Luffy in the Wanokuni arc. But only Luffy was able to secure one of the coveted spots in the Four Emperors. The other place came on buggy the clownwhich many may still know from the beginnings of “One Piece”.

Who is the strongest of the Four Emperors? An important indicator of a pirate’s strength is his bounty. And as shown here, Monkey D Luffy here is the biggest hint:

  • shanks: 4.048.900.00
  • Blackbeard: 3,996,000,000
  • buggy: 3,189,000,000
  • Luffy: 3,000,000,000

About Shanks only stand Gold D Roger and the former Four Emperors Whitebeard, Kaido, and Big Mom. So, if bounty was anything to go by, Shanks would be the strongest of the Four Emperors.

But the bounty is not the only indication of strength, because the danger of the respective emperor in achieving the goals of the world government determines the bounty amount. For example, Shanks is held in such high regard that he is allowed free entry into Castle Pangea in Mary Joa.

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Another factor that can be considered is the respective devil power.

They have these devil powers

Buggy has them Separating Separating Fruit eaten. He can be by it Split body into separate parts and dodge enemy attacks. So far, Buggy’s fel power hasn’t really impressed any opponent, but there’s a lot of potential behind the fel fruit.

Luffy was assumed to be the Gum Gum Fruit has eaten. But it turned out that it is the human-human fruit, model: Nika. Luffy becomes a reincarnation of the sun god Nika and has tremendous powers.

©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha.

Blackbeard owns the same two devil powers: Firstly, the dark fruitwhich he can use to create darkness, and also Whitebeards earthquake fruit. How he did it is a mystery so far.

Not much is known about Shank’s powers. All we know is that he’s strong Kingishaki has. With the end of the “One Piece” manga, his true powers will probably finally be revealed.

To the best of their ability, it seems that all Four Emperors have not yet fully revealed their full potential. So it remains exciting who of the Four Emperors will win the race for the one piece might. Shanks has the edge on the facts so far, but the tide may turn in the coming chapters.