Redfall: New trailer introduces you to the gloomy game world

Redfall with always online compulsion - also in single player.  Why?  (1)

At the May 2, 2023 appears with red case the new shooter from Arkane Studios for PC and Xbox Series X/S in stores. The highlights of the title include not only the co-op mode for up to four players, but also the game worldin which you complete orders and of course on enemy ones Vampire Variants meets Now the development team has a brand new one Trailers published to Redfall, which introduces you to exactly this game world. There are more Gameplay Clips.

This is what the world of Redfall offers

For the fictional city of the shooter – which is also called Redfall – the developers of the US state Massachusetts get inspired. It is said to be the “biggest and most ambitious” game world that the Arkane team has created. Among other things, countless notes and documents were hidden in the world, such as Ben Horne as part of the IGN fan fest has betrayed. This is to tell the story of Redfall – before the vampires took over the town.