Roblox: Teen Becomes Virtual ISIS Propagandist – News

Roblox: Teen Becomes Virtual ISIS Propagandist - News

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Hundreds of players, bouncing colorful figures, your own multiverse and, more recently, war zones. Roblox gives players all the tools to transform their own desires into virtual worlds and live them out there. The action MMO was probably never intended to offer real terror a virtual platform.

Still it got loud kotaku A Singapore youth jailed after playing an ISIS fighter on multiple Islamic State-themed Roblox servers. The 16-year-old also acted as spokesman and chief propagandist for his virtual ISIS faction. In January, the authorities decided to reprimand him through various impositions. These restrict his freedom of movement and are intended to prevent him from making a public statement.

The teenager is according to the news magazine CNA also not an isolated case. A 15-year-old has been jailed since November 2022 after also playing Islamic State-themed Roblox servers. According to CNA, the 15-year-old had plans to turn his virtual fantasies into reality by beheading non-Muslims in public tourist areas with a knife, or becoming a suicide bomber himself. The teenager had not only radicalized himself through the private Roblox servers, but also through podcasts and other platforms that spread ISIS propaganda.

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