Set the alarm clock: In Pokémon Crimson you can catch the strongest Pikachu this week only

In the new 7 Star Raid in Pokémon Crimson you can get the mascot of the series.

In the new 7 Star Raid in Pokémon Crimson you can get the mascot of the series.

In Pokémon Crimson and Crimson, Tera Raid events take place again and again, giving you the chance to get particularly strong and rare Pokémon. In the latest 7 Star Raid you have to fight against a Pokémon that already exists in the game itself, but it’s no less worthwhile because you can catch an extra strong Pikachu.

All important information about the Tera Raid with Pikachu

  • Raid Event Duration: From February 24th at 1am to February 27th at 3:59pm
  • Which Pokemon? Pikachu with the Tera-type Water
  • difficulty: 7 star raid

What is special about the Pikachu? This Pikachu comes with the Titan mark, making it one of the strongest Pokémon of its kind. It’s also the Tera-type Water, so it becomes a Water-type Pokémon when it Teracrystallizes. This is especially effective when Pikachu also has the Lightning Catcher ability, which allows it to absorb Lightning-type attacks, directly compensating for the Water-type’s weakness.

So if you want to have a Pikachu on your team, this is definitely a good choice. But be careful, it won’t be that easy to catch. After all, it is a 7 star raid, so you have to defeat the Pikachu at level 100 first.

Introduction to Pokémon Day: The new Tera Raid is no coincidence, but suitably runs until Pokémon Day on February 27th. On the same day, a Pokémon Presents awaits us with lots of information about upcoming Pokémon content or games. All information about the live stream can be found here:

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This is how you start the raid

As always, in order to activate the Tera Raid event, you must first receive the latest Pokémon news via the in-game PokéPortal. You need an internet connection for this.

Also, you must already be advanced enough to have unlocked 7 Star Raids. To do this, you must have completed the three paths of the main story, defeated the Gym Leaders again, and won the Academy Tournament. You will then continue participating in 5 Star Raids until you receive an in-game call that unlocks 7 Star Raids.

All important information about Tera Raid events and secret gifts in crimson and purple can be found in the linked articles.

Will you catch the Titan Pikachu?