Streamer looks at cell phone, runs over a dog – millions are outraged, Twitch bans them, authorities are investigating

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The Polish streamer Sidnuke became notorious with a clip on Twitter on February 17. In an IRL stream on Twitch, she looked at her smartphone and ran over a dog. As she continued the journey, she became upset with the free-roaming dogs and their owners. Millions of viewers are appalled.

Warning: The clip is not only unpleasant for animal lovers and can cause a queasy feeling. So we don’t embed it directly, just link to it. Nonetheless, it is a distressing subject.

This is the clip:

  • Polish streamer Sidnuke sits in her car, filming herself while looking at a cell phone in her hand (via twitter). She says, “Jesus, how many dogs are out here? Some of them must be in heat.”
  • Then the streamer looks at her cell phone when she is suddenly startled because the car is jerking. She yells, “I ran over a dog! Shit, I ran over a dog. That’s a dog.”
  • You then see her getting out of the car and looking around.
Immediately before the accident, the streamer only had eyes for her cell phone and no longer for the road.

Streamer blames dog owners

What did she do after the accident? According to reports, she continued to drive after running over the dog. There is no clip of that. The Twitch stream is no longer accessible either.

But there is another clip that shows her driving after the accident (via twitter). There she speaks into the camera and blames the dog owners for the accident: The dogs are never allowed to run free, but they are always on the street. Dogs shouldn’t run free, that’s bad and against the law. Dogs cannot be left unattended.

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Twitch bans streamer – authorities investigate

What are the consequences of the clip?

  • Twitch has banned streamer Sidnuke. The duration of the ban is not known, some outraged viewers hope “forever”.
  • There is worldwide coverage of the incident – British, Polish, French and US sites cover the incident
  • Clips of the incident on Twitter have already reached millions of views, with many users extremely upset by the woman’s behavior. One user asks, “Did she even bother to check on the dog?”

Like the page Unilad reported, a Polish animal welfare authority has also started an investigation and wants to hand the case over to the public prosecutor’s office to bring charges.

It is said: It is true without a doubt that dogs should not run free. But if you notice that, you have to stop the car and react to it. That is a social obligation.

With IRL streams, a streamer films himself in the free world, which leads to numerous problems:

Dispute over a few seconds on Twitch: MontanaBlack wants to go to court over a stream

That’s behind it: The outrageous thing is that the young woman stares at her mobile phone immediately before the accident and is anyway broadcasting the journey live and does not seem to see any wrongdoing in it.

It is precisely this lack of attention when driving a car that is extremely dangerous, as you can see.

While the game “Pokémon GO” caused so much hype in 2016, many people complained about the “cell phone zombies” who stared at their smartphones spellbound in pursuit of virtual pixel monsters and were no longer aware of their surroundings.

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Pokémon GO is said to have caused 30,000 injuries and 250 deaths in the USA

An IRL stream like Sidnuke while driving is also extremely dangerous. The distraction is too great. A poor dog paid for it with his life.