Thanks to Nvidia, you’ll soon be able to play new hits like Starfield and Diablo IV without a powerful gaming PC

A small change to the Xbox outraged US politicians: "They want to take your Xbox away from you!"

Nvidia and Microsoft have introduced a new partnership: soon you can all Stream games from Microsoft via GeForce Now. This should also include upcoming games like Starfield.

Microsoft wants to buy Activision: Blizzard and faces a lot of resistance. For this reason, the Redmond company is currently doing everything it can to appease the critics:

And the new contract between Nvidia and Microsoft could be very interesting for many games. Because Microsoft now wants to bring all its own games to GeForce Now.

Of course, this partnership will not be concluded without any ulterior motive. In the background is the takeover of Activision: Blizzard by Microsoft. As stated, “NVIDIA therefore offers its full support for regulatory approval of the acquisition.”

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Call of Duty, Halo and Co should all come to GeForce Now

Which games should come to GeForce Now? In the future you can play all games from publisher Microsoft in the cloud. According to Microsoft, this includes first-party games that have already been released for the Xbox as well as new games, such as the eagerly awaited sci-fi epic Starfield, which will not be released for the PS5.

It shouldn’t matter whether you bought the game from the “Microsoft Store”, on Steam or from Epic. In the future, Activision: Blizzard games should also be playable via GeForce Now (via

The combination of Xbox’s incredibly rich catalog of first-party games and GeForce NOW’s powerful streaming capabilities will make cloud gaming a mainstream offering that will appeal to gamers of all interest and experience levels. Through this partnership, more of the world’s most popular titles will be available to millions of players with just one click in the cloud.

Jeff Fisher, senior vice president of GeForce at NVIDIA

What does this mean for players? GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service that you can now use on almost any device. In this way you can stream your PC games from Steam to your mobile phone or tablet. The calculations run in the Nvidia cloud, you no longer need fast hardware for the games.

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Thanks to GeForce Now, you can now also play one of the most interesting co-op games without a fast gaming PC. You can find out why so many are looking forward to it in the following article here on MeinMMO:

You can now play one of the most important co-op games of 2023 on Steam even without a gaming PC