The Last of Us; Episode 6 is so close to the PlayStation original – comparison

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Warning, spoilers follow: After her experiences with Henry and Sam Joel and Ellie die in episode 6 of The Last of Us first into the icy wilderness before it goes to Reunion with Tommy comes. How close all this is to the PlayStation original, we see below in our Comparison at.

On the way to Jackson

The beginning of the episode in which Joel and Ellie speaking to an elderly couple is not included in the template. Her little rest at the campfire is also not part of the game, but was once planned for this one. The ultimately discarded scene thus celebrates a little comeback on the HBO show.

At a dam Joel and Ellie come by in both “The Last of Us” versions. While our hero in the game here too must swimthey only see the structure in the series from afar.

  • Joel and Ellie by the Campfire (TV Series vs. Game Concept Art)
  • Joel and Ellie reach a dam

Arrive in Jackson and meet Tommy again

Some time later, Joel and Ellie get in the settlement of Jackson brought to where the former finally got his after several years brother tommy sees you again In addition to the family reunion, our young protagonist also receives a in episode 6 new outfitstraight from the PlayStation original.

In addition, as the episode progresses, there is a quarrel between our two main characters. Some lines of dialogue from this scene have been removed 1:1 from the video game model accepted.

  • Joel and Tommy meet again
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  • Quarrel between Joel and Ellie

The monkeys are racing through the university

In the final segment of the episode, Joel and Ellie break up together to a university up that Tommy had told his brother about. Firefly members are said to be there who could take the girl with them. At the university, however, our main characters initially only meet on monkeys.

Such an encounter not only happened in Episode 6 of The Last of Us series, but also in the PlayStation Original. As in, the two main characters are attacked by marauders who severely injuring Joel. Later, in both versions of the story, Joel falls off his horse.

  • Joel and Ellie meet monkeys

Fans of the template will note that the TV series is fast-paced and skips various stations that Joel and Ellie traverse in the PlayStation game. In addition, some new scenes are added, such as the opening sequence of the episode. Apart from that, the show remains very true to its original and partly adopts entire dialogues 1:1.

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You can watch the new episodes of “The Last of Us” in this country every Monday on Sky Germany and WOW look at. Episode 7 will be released on February 27, 2023.

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