The Last of Us: Joel was a Contractor – what does that mean?

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In episode 6 of The Last of Us the curious Ellie continues to ask questions about the past, including Joel’s. He tells her he’s in front of him Cordyceps outbreak a contractor been. But what does that mean?

The Last of Us: Glimpses of the Past

Ever since they first met, Ellie Joel has been constantly asking questions about the past. Sure, because after all, at this time there is not much anymore, which was completely normal before the spread of the Cordyceps fungus.

So far, Joel has really annoyed Ellie’s questions and answered them only briefly. After the two in the 6th episode however one emotional struggle had, they pull themselves together again and are like this open and carefreelike never before.

On their way to Laboratory of the Fireflies, Ellie asks what Joel did in his previous life. He then replies that he has his money as a contractor earned.

What is a contractor?

Translated, a contractor is nothing more than a Contractor/Entrepreneur or just a company that takes on special orders. In Joel’s case, it’s the construction industry.

As he himself explains in episode 6, he has a independent contractor Residential houses, shopping centers and the like built. Not an easy jobbut enough to make ends meet.

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This becomes clear in the first episode when he talks about an assignment. Because he self-employed worked, he was not tied to specific working hours or locations. As a result, he often came home very late, which is why he little time with his daughter Sarah spent.

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Also be brother tommy was active in the industry, as is made clear at the beginning of the series. In addition, Tommy is standing on scaffolding when Joel asks him after a long time Jackson sees again. So he uses it experiences from his past lifeto do his part in the community.

Joel uses his knowledge less actively – only when it comes to building plans, possible routes and the structural integrity and safety of some structures. Whether his expertise at a later time Will be used again in the series is questionable, but possible. Maybe we’ll find out in the upcoming episodes from The Last of Us.