Twitch streamer is harassed – There is scorn and ridicule on Twitter

Twitch streamer is harassed – There is scorn and ridicule on Twitter

German streamer quiteLola is best known for her IRL content on Twitch. So she lets her viewers participate in her trip to Thailand. However, there was a serious incident: the streamer was sexually harassed. But that’s not all, she is attacked on Twitter for her description.

Conten Warning: This article is about sexualized violence. These issues can trigger negative reactions in some people. If this is the case for you, please take care while reading.

What did the streamer experience? In a stream that is no longer available, quiteLola visited a club on the Thai island of Koh Samui. A man approached her there. The stranger is said to have first tried to kiss the streamer against her will, when she fended off these attempts, he is said to have grabbed her butt and between her legs.

Individual recordings show how upset quiteLola is after the incident. When she tells her viewers what happened immediately afterwards, she is angry and close to tears.

Other recordings, apparently taken shortly after the attack, show men shouting inappropriate comments to the streamer. Among other things, there is talk of “doing it in public”. quiteLola then bursts into tears and declares that she just wants to go home.

The next day, the streamer calmly summarized the events of the previous day. We have included the clip for you here:

If you or people close to you have been affected by sexualized violence, you can apply under the 08000 116 016 contact the violence against women help line. You can find more information about this at .

You can find more help here

Twitter users show their worst side

How were the reactions? The streamer received a lot of support from her own viewers. They got angry with her about the behavior of the other club visitors and gave her tips for contact points.

But a very different side was revealed on Twitter, where a video of quiteLola’s original, emotional account was shared on February 20. The post said the streamer quickly turned on her stream after the harassment to get sympathy.

The tweet has already received a million views, and the attached video has been viewed by around a quarter (as of February 22nd, 2023, 11:30am). Numerous Twitter users criticized the poster for the misrepresentation, since the stream was already running when the attack took place.

Under the tweet, however, there are also frightening and sometimes disgusting comments: the streamer is insulted, she is exhausting and would only annoy. In addition, she is accused of only being interested in attention and money.

Some write how funny they find the situation. Some even discuss whether they would perform sexual acts on the streamer themselves.

Any way you do it is wrong

Why is this so problematic? The derogatory and sometimes degrading reactions below the tweet illustrate a problem that many victims of sexual violence are confronted with. This is also discussed on Twitter.

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Affected people can never do it “right” in the eyes of some people:

If they report their experiences later, they are often accused of being too late and should have said something straight away. However, if someone goes public immediately after an attack, as in this case, they are not taken seriously either – if something had really happened, there would probably be better things to do, some people seem to think.

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