WD SN850X: Crashes and hangs on Windows 11

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SSD issues

User reports on the high-end SSD WD SN850X are currently increasing, according to which more blue screens are triggered, especially under Windows 11 22H2. An update is in progress.


Problems with the SN850X: Western Digital's flagship SSD is causing displeasure among Windows users.
Problems with the SN850X: Western Digital’s flagship SSD is causing displeasure among Windows users.
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After Samsung had already struggled with problems in its upper-class SSD 990 Pro, Western Digital is now the next storage manufacturer to deal with. Matching user reports in support forum according to the WD Black SN850X triggers regular blue screens on Windows 11. The 22H2 build of the operating system appears to be particularly affected.

The cause of the crashes is the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error message “Device-Raidport2”, which is due to a faulty WD SN850X driver. Western Digital itself is said to be aware of the problem with Windows 11 and is working on a firmware update that should fix the error.

In the meantime, the WD community has provided some interim solutions and workarounds that should at least contain the worst problems with the SSD. According to some reports in the forum, it should be possible to get the crashes under control with the help of alternative drivers that are not automatically installed by Microsoft. The 64bit Micron NVMe Driver v2.1.19.0 WHQL is one of the solutions mentioned here.

The freezing of the screen, which is probably also caused by the WD SN850X, is attributed to incorrect handling of the drivers with AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync. At least temporarily, those affected should deactivate the respective setting for the variable refresh rates until Western Digital provides a working update to fix the problems with the WD SN850X.

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