Wild Hearts: First PC performance patch is here, but doesn’t seem to do much

Wild Hearts: First PC performance patch is here, but doesn't seem to do much

Electronic Arts and developer Omega Force have released a first patch for Wild Hearts, which among other things is supposed to improve PC performance.

However, first reports after the release indicate that the patch does not really help much.

Still problems

The first problems with the frame rate and stuttering had already become apparent during the early access phase via EA Play, whereupon Omega Force announced that they were working on further optimizations.

This week’s patch should fix an issue that is essentially making the CPU a performance bottleneck. Ultimately, the goal here was to improve performance on mid to high-end CPUs.

More Wild Hearts news:

First reports from the community, however, suggest that the patch that has now been released does not bring much. If anything, the improvements are reported to be small.

Ultimately, the latest patch is not a panacea for any issues you may be having with Wild Hearts and its performance.

It is currently not known when the next patch will follow.


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