Anno 1800: Ubisoft reveals the contents of the Anniversary Update – that’s in it

Anno 1800: Ubisoft reveals the contents of the Anniversary Update - that's in it

from Valentin Sattler
In April, Ubisoft plans to release the last major, free update for Anno 1800 with the Anniversary Update. Now the developers have revealed the first content that the PC version of the game should receive as a result.

Anno 1800 has lasted for a long time: the development game released in April 2019 has been expanded with numerous expansions and a total of four seasons since its release. However, there will not be a fifth season, and the free extensions will soon be over. In April, Ubisoft wants to release the game’s Anniversary Update, which is also only intended for the PC version. After that, there will probably be no more additional content, but instead a whole new Anno game.

What’s new in the last update

Before that happens, at least PC players can look forward to the anniversary update. Ubisoft wants to release this in time for the 25th birthday of the Anno series, which the company dates to April 4, 2023. The developers have already revealed some of the innovations that the game should receive on this day.

Among other things, there is talk of a completely new game mode that Ubisoft calls “creative mode”. This doesn’t have much to do with classic Anno gameplay: Instead of production chains, the focus is simply on city building, so that players can let off steam and design a city according to their wishes. Minor matters such as money or other limiting game mechanics should not play a role.

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Building on the creative mode, the developers also promise a new “stamp feature” for the Anniversary Update. This should be done in Anno 1800

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Finally, there should also be some minor improvements for Anno 1800. For example, the Anniversary Update will offer an upgrade tool for roads and a search function in warehouses and when preparing for expeditions. In addition, tourists should have more influence on the satisfaction of residential buildings in the future, and the developers promise some improvements for modders. On top of that, some more content should also be revealed before the release. It will therefore remain exciting until April.

Source: Anno Union