Attack on Titan Final Season Releases Amazing Trailer

Attack on Titan Final Trailer GamersRD

The end is near for the anime adaptation of Attack on Titan, as the Studio MAPPA-produced television series has set the stage for the biggest battle in franchise history.

With Eren Jaeger leading an army of Colossal Titans on a genocidal rampage with the sole purpose of destroying everything that resides outside the borders of Paradis, it’s up to a new Scout Regiment to stop him by any means necessary. With the first of the final episodes airing on March 3, a new trailer was released to give us a gruesome look at the grand finale.

Earlier in the series, we saw the Survey Corps manage to get their hands on a ship that will bring them one step closer to coming face to face with their former friend. Of course, while soldiers like Mikasa and Armin hope to dissuade Jaeger from his current trajectory, new members of the Scout Regiment like Annie, Pieck, and Reiner believe, perhaps rightly, that the only way Eren will be stopped is if he is dead.

If Eren’s former friends need to fight the new Founding Titan, defeating him is a whole different story considering the savage abilities now at his disposal.

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