Brilliant cosplay from Mass Effect brings Liara to life

Brilliant Harley Quinn cosplay doesn't need the Joker anymore!  (1)

While there’s no new Mass Effect game on the horizon (officially) just yet, that’s not stopping the eager fanbase from expressing their love for the sci-fi franchise. The American Reddit user and Instagram cosplayer Raisin cosplay has an incredibly realistic for the big American anime convention Katsucon Cosplay by Liara T’Soni set up and eagerly collects praise for it.

Proud crew member of the Normandy

dr Liara T’Soni is an absolute fan favorite. The asari archaeologist has become an indispensable member of Commander Shepard’s side thanks to her extraordinary design and pleasant yet strong personality. The cosplayer uses a latex prosthesis for the young asari’s head, which she named after a well-known latex prosthesis artist SnakeCraft has acquired. However, Raisin Cosplay did the blue painting of the head prosthesis herself. Liara’s outfit and breastplate were also painstakingly handcrafted by the talented cosplayer. You can see the making of the full costume on her Instagram account.

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