CoD Warzone 2 changes the best weapons with a small update – including the OP snipers

CoD Warzone 2 changes the best weapons with a small update – including the OP snipers

With Season 2, the developers continue to work on the weapon balance of Call of Duty Warzone 2. Some of the strongest weapons have been weakened, while other guns have been strengthened. Apparently that didn’t go far enough for the developers, because with a small update they made further changes.

What is this update? On the night of February 24th, the developers applied a new patch for CoD Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. The new patch follows the release of the major Season 2 update. This update changed many aspects of the Warzone. The developers responded to criticism and the community is satisfied.

However, the current patch is not nearly as big, so you don’t have to expect long download times. The new patch brings adjustments to some popular weapons. There are also lots of smaller bug fixes for Warzone 2 and DMZ. Since the patch also implements a playlist update, you will need to restart the game after the download is complete.

You can see all the new features of Season 2, including the new Resurgence map, here in the trailer:

CoD MW2 & Warzone 2: Season 2 – Trailer

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Weapon Balance – Popular guns will be further nerfed

The most important changes from patch notes we list them in the following section. Compared to Warzone 1, the developers unfortunately do not give any exact numbers there. How strong the individual adjustments to the weapons will be will only become apparent in the next few days and weeks.


  • The developers increase the initial vertical recoil
  • The developers are increasing the horizontal recoil
  • Reduction of the various damage areas

Kastov 762

  • Reduction of the various damage areas

ISO hemlock

  • The developers fixed a bug with the .300 Blackout ammo that caused hits from this weapon to register as a hitscan

Fennec 45

  • Reduction of the last damage area
  • The weapon’s damage against armor plates has been reduced. Players need 2 additional hits to break 3 armor plates

FTac Recon

  • The sprint speed with the weapon has been increased

Lachman 762

  • The various areas of damage have been increased
  • The developers are reducing the ZV speed
  • Hipfire hit spread has been reduced
  • Hipfire hit spread while players are moving has been increased
  • The sprint speed with the weapon has been increased


  • The movement speed with the weapon has been increased


  • Damage at close range has been reduced
  • Muzzle velocity has been reduced
  • The final area of ​​damage has been reduced
  • Movement speed with the weapon has been reduced

In addition to the changes to the various weapons, popular equipment is also being attacked: the incendiary ammunition will be weakened so that the damage tick can no longer knock out players in the future. At the same time, the damage tick should act on armor plates in the future.

The snipers among you will still not like these changes. The update ensures that the 1-shot trick with snipers no longer works.

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Playlist update, bug fixes and more

With the new patch, the developers are giving the community a small playlist update. While everything stays the same in Al Mazrah and players can play solo, as a duo, trio or quad as usual, there is something new in Resurgence.

The option to play solo has been added to Resurgence mode. From now on you can let off steam all by yourself on Ashika Island. The new map has also received a small update. The developers have changed the positions of some geographic objects on the map. This will give you more cover in the future.

As with all minor updates to Call of Duty, there were a handful of bug fixes. Among other things, a bug has been fixed that caused players to be kicked out of the game because of inactivity in multiplayer ranked mode, even though they were actively involved in the game.

CoD Warzone 2: Meta – The best weapons with setups in Season 2 / February 2023

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