Dead Space: Horror shooter in the video suddenly very cute

Dead Space: Horror shooter in the video suddenly very cute

from Oliver Jaeger
The video artist “Flurdeh” has published a new video from his “Tiny Game Worlds” series on Dead Space Remake on his YouTube channel. In it, the horror game is shown using a tilt-shift approach from an isometric camera perspective, which makes the events appear small and harmless.

The user “Flurdeh” continues to create videos for well-known games on his YouTube channel, in which he shows them from an isometric camera perspective, using the art of tilt-shift photography. Over a year ago we reported that Flurdeh has already created videos for Cyberpunk 2077, Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for his “Tiny-Game-Worlds” series. However, these were by no means all the games that the Youtuber has put into miniature worlds, especially since more will follow in the future.

Suddenly Dead Space isn’t that scary anymore

At the end of January, Electronic Arts released the new edition of the 15-year-old Dead Space, and Flurdeh didn’t fail to show off his tilt-shift skills. On Reddit he explains how he implements the change of perspective. In order for Dead Space to look like Flurdeh’s new video, it needs a certain angle as well as special settings for the field of view and depth of field.

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So in the video you can see little Isaac Clarke scurrying through the aisles of the USG Ishimura. Other of the miniature characters can also be seen in the video and what shouldn’t be missing are of course the Necromorphs, which have lost a lot of their frightening character in the isometric camera perspective. As already mentioned, there are a number of games in the miniature world look, packaged in videos on the Flurdeh YouTube channel. Interested parties can look around for their favorite title there.

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Electronic Arts also recently released a patch for Dead Space Remake that brought some bug fixes, such as a fix to collecting the Crew Quarters Keycard in Chapter 10. This update also fixes an issue with the security station door during the objective ” Find the source of the transmission”. The improved compatibility of Dead Space for the handheld is also interesting for users of the Steam Deck.

Source: floor deh